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Is Your IT a Competitive Advantage?

Today, many businesses look at IT as a cost of doing business. We don’t believe that’s true! IT offers an incredible amount of benefits and potential for organizations that can use it properly.

The right technology helps businesses work more efficiently and tap into potential they never knew existed. The key is finding the right match between technology and your own processes.

Here at 1800411CLUB, we’re all about helping you find the right match to solve your IT needs.


cartA point-of-sales (POS) system is one of the most important components of your business. At 1800411CLUB, we know how vital these systems are. Rollouts and refreshes must be completed during non-business hours to minimize disruption, support needs to be immediate, and it all needs to run flawlessly. A small failure quickly impacts your whole business. No matter how large or small your solution needs to be, we have the technology and support to ensure you’re always up and running.

We’re also aware of how you can turn POS into an advantage. A point-of-sale system can analyze data, provide detailed sales history, and help manage inventory levels. Getting your business set-up with the right POS system will help you improve pricing, inventory, and much more. Allow our experienced staff to help you handle and implement systems that control your bottom line and make you a leaner organization.

Network and Structured Cabling

Network infrastructure is incredibly complex. Our experienced team of certified engineers can help you evaluate your business and technology objectives to provide a custom solution that gives you the hardware and software you need to manage your business now and in the future.

Our services include a full network infrastructure solution from design to implementation and maintenance. We’re able to provide structured cabling, data, voice, monitoring, and support. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current infrastructure or construct a new one from the ground up, 1800411CLUB will be happy to provide you will a comprehensive assessment to see how we can help.

Database Systems

Database management is a costly service to handle internally. At 1800411CLUB, we’re able to offer 24/7 monitoring at a lower cost than internal administration! Our team of experts offers remote management services for all major database platforms including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and SQLServer. Our DBAs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anything you need, no matter how large or small your organization.

Database Support ServicesDatabase_pic

Design – We know that each database system must be carefully tailored to your needs. Too often, well-meaning developers create a quagmire of half-finished, buggy software in the name of extra bells and whistles. We simply listen to your needs, adhering to them throughout the design and development process. Our aim is simple: customer care, cost control, and continual customer support.

Implementation – Let us handle the planning and implementation of your next database system, whether it’s a SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, or Sybase. We’ll make sure your solution is optimally configured for your organization and we will handle all of the subsequent upgrades, patching, auditing, analysis, and optimization.

Management – Database management is crucial for any business. Your proprietary information – personnel and salary information, project-related data, trade secrets, and intellectual property – must be properly managed. Allow our team of experts to assist you with storing, organizing, and securing your data. We’ll be happy to monitor performance and availability, assist with patching and updates, and provide any incident response or backup support you require.